What we do

We believe that “sharing is caring”. As a huge chocolate lovers, we feel that all that is sweet and delicious must be enjoyed together. After years and years of research and endulging an array of different types of chocolate, we are here to share our knowledge in the best way we can, that is through sharing.

We have travelled to the many areas in Indonesia and gathered the finest cocoa beans to create mouthwatering desserts for you. Armed with our chef’s experience in creating tasty dishes, Pipiltin Cocoa is a place where you can share your love for chocolate with others.

How we do it

We have travelled across Indonesia to taste the unique flavors from different types of cocoa beans. Our collections vary, consisting of cocoa beans originating from Pidie Jaya, Aceh and Tabanan, Bali. These unique flavors are for you to enjoy in our various desserts provided at Pipiltin Cocoa. We are hoping, of course, to expand our cocoa beans collection from all over Indonesia very soon.

At Pipiltin Cocoa, you are exposed to the chocolate making process in our very own “bean to bar” concept. The chocolate making steps are visible to all our guests in order to enjoy the complete chocolate experience. This is a visit that we hope you will never forget.

Once upon a time,
there lived two siblings.
They loved all things fine
and could not contain their feelings.

You see, they shared a serious desire for chocolate
and everything that comes with it.
So they started looking into the market
of people who would seem to enjoy it.

They wanted to make people thrilled
and make the world a better place.
And through their will
they managed to invent a common place.

Later on, they gathered more people
with the same passion and curiosity, mastery and artistry
Even the lonely and broken-hearted with riddles,
to taste the sweetness of life through the magic of cocoa trees.

Little did they know
that the wonderful taste of their chocolate grows
right in the heart of these new group of people, that even with all their sorrows and woes
can turn into something a glow.